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A Podcast on Fatherhood, Life, Sports, and Nerd Culture

Welcome to the Good Dad, Bad Dad Podcast where we recognize that any day we could be the good dad or the bad dad. Journey with Arman Sheffey and Eric Shaffer, two very different fathers finding common ground in parenting special needs kids, sports, nerd culture, and who knows what else.

The Latest Episodes

011: Family Trip to Disney // What Attractions You Don’t Want to Miss

In this episode, Eric describes his trip to Disney, the surprise it was for the kids, and the places that we must visit when we go later this year. Got kids and considering a trip to Disney? You won’t want to miss this episode.

010: The One Where Eric Gets Covid

In this episode, Eric shares his story of getting COVID-19 and the challenges and concerns that come along with that. Plus a little Chicago Bears talk.

009: Back to School Chat & Family Trips to the National Card Show

In this episode we get into some talk about our kids, going back to school, and a bad dad moment kinda happens in live-action with an interruption from one of our kids. We also share about our family outing to the National Sports Collector’s Convention in Chicago.

008: MCU Phase 4, Preparing for the Card Show, & Bears Talk

In this episode we discuss a Chicago Bears trade, we have a long chat about what has happened in Phase 4 of the MCU thus far and we get ready for the National Card Show in Chicago.

007: Loki, Black Widow Spoilers, and Dad Fails

In this episode, Arman and Eric get into Loki, give their review of Black Widow, and share a couple of Dad fails. Leave a comment on the pod and let us know what your thoughts on each topic are.

006: Trading Cards, Flipping, and Family Fun

In this episode, we talk collectibles, nostalgia, and the fun we have sharing our passions with our kids.

005: Big Fears, Bad Health, & What’s Next

In this episode, Eric reveals some of the deepest pain and fears that he’s had to deal with during this past year. Those of you who know the struggle of losing close loved ones will relate to this conversation.

004: Honesty, Trust, & Apple Air Tags

We get REAL in this episode and some major past issues and current struggles are revealed. We talk about Santa and keeping our kids safe. You are going to LOVE this episode!

003: Insecurity/Anxiety, Bears’ Draft, & Star Wars

In this episode, we navigate the difficulty of parenting children through insecurity and anxiety, as well as get excited about the Bears’ season with Justin Fields, and nerd out over Star Wars the Bad Batch.

002: Origins, Pandemic Parenting, & More Marvel

Today we go into our friendship’s origin story and talk about the evolution of Arman & Eric, back to school for the kids, and the finale of Falcon and Winter Soldier.

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